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Week 2 : Tutorial Post 1

March 19, 2009

Primarily, the news I receive comes mostly from the internet sites,

The reason for using the internet as my major source of news is because I can access news and recent events whenever I want. Also, unlike news bulletins, using online news enables me to choose what I want to read (such skipping over most ‘gossip’ related news). A handy function on the BBC website is near the bottom of any page on the site, where the list of ‘most read’ articles is listed.

I do also watch the 6 pm channel 7 news bulletin as well as the 6.30 SBS world news bulletin. My main reason for watching the Channel 7 bulletin is to act as a time filler until the SBS bulletin begins. Occasionally though, the tabloid-esque news reporting style that Channel 7 primarily adopts does make the it rather hard to watch at times. I also am a subscriber of the Sydney Morning Herald and read it whenever time permit. I do not necessarily prefer any oe section of the paper, and read over most sections. In terms of radio news, I only ever listen to the radio whilst in the car or at work, and I usually pay little attention to the news broadcasts unless a significant event has occurred. When I do listen to radio, it is for the music, and the frequencies i prefer are Triple M and Triple J, but again, only for music, not as my source of journalism.

Aside from my years in primary school and in early high school, I seldom ever use language tools.

With deadlines, I do not necessarily mind them and I am usually good with deadlines; however they do create quite a bit of stress. My HSC Visual Art Body of Work project drained most of the life out of me when it was completed. Although it wasn’t a pleasant experience, I don’t regret ever doing it. The end result was definitely worth the time and effort.